KINGS OF DUST - Kings of Dust

by Kings of Dust

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Phoenix-based retro rockers. Kings of Dust is comprised of Badlands bassist Greg Chaisson, one time Red Dragon Cartel (along with Chaisson) frontman, Michael Thomas Beck, lead guitarist Ryan McKay from the Crash Street Kids and drummer Jimi Taft from local legends Surgical Steel, Kings of Dust find themselves rooted in mid-'70s-era classic rock, recalling the likes of Deep Purple, Humble Pie, Bad Company and Led Zeppelin in their arsenal. Chaisson runs down the band's approach: "There are some really great bands out there right now with that '70s style sound. But Kings of Dust is first generation stuff. We were all there when it was a sound the first time around, so I think it's very authentic, seeing as this is what we grew up listening to.".

01 - Like an Ocean
02 - Upon Reflection
03 - What's the Other
04 - The Devil Made Me Do It
05 - My Piece of Mine
06 - Ugly
07 - Yours Not Mine
08 - Ya, That's Me
09 - By You
10 - Mama
11 - Wolves
12 - A Little Bit of Insanity ... for J.E.L.
13 - Keep the Spirit Alive